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Looking for a primal state : The esoteric world of Orphan Swords

EN — Lean but venturous, judicious but audaciously severe, Yannick Franck and Pierre de Mûelenaere concoct an oblique, stringent form of techno. Favouring progressive, heavy-duty abrasion their productions are a commanding mix of rusted churn and spartan thud. Although modishly textured with fractious industrial noise, there’s a distinguished asceticism to the material they make as Orphan Swords; in the way intensities and momentums build by ever sturdier degrees, often culminating in an enrapturing critical mass which sounds as if its fateful energy is being powered by repurposed, ill-functioning tools.

Yannick Franck et Pierre De Muelenaere forme Orphan Swords. Ils ont accordé une belle interview (en anglais) à The Ransomnote. On vous laisse la lire et la savourer en même temps.

Article complet :  The esoteric world of Orphan Swords

Orphan Swords

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