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DJ Mag (UK) pick GoldFFinch as 'Ones to Watch Out For in 2016'

Extract from the article published on DJ MAG on 5 January 2016.
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From: Brussels, Belgium

Key releases: ‘Stronghold EP’, Black Dog ‘Hollow Stories, Hollow Head (GoldFFinch Remix)'

Sounds like: Locked Groove, Scuba, The Zenker Brothers

When Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Goldfinch hit the bookshops in 2013 it was hailed as a triumph. Luckily it wasn’t just the critics who liked it though. The book was a blockbuster. And it was that rare kind, one with brains.

Something to think about, or be engaged by, beyond the mechanics of a tightly-woven plot.

But what on earth has that got to do with Belgian techno team GoldFFinch, bar the name? Actually, a lot.

The Brussels-based duo of Yoann and Gilles craft crispy beats that are built for club play, but beneath the hood, there’s an array of inventive ideas and influences that make them so much more than your typical techno duo.

Just now they’re on a hot streak of releases, with the deadly ‘Passenger EP’ for new label Exit Strategy, a remix of synth disco wizard Black Devil Disco Club, and EPs for Get Physical and Turbo forthcoming.

There’s also their remix of Black Dog’s ‘Hollow Stories, Hollow Head’, an awe-inspiring trip into steely techno menace, epic synths and breakbeat drops that is guaranteed to sway the non-believers.
“That was something!” grins Yoann.

“We’ve been sending our tunes to them and they’ve been playing them on their Dogma show. At one point we received a mail, ‘Hey guys, would you like to remix us? Yeah of course!’ We’re super happy, it was a big step for us.

We had the opportunity to remix them so we tried to make something a bit different, because it wouldn’t be easy to make a straight techno tune when you remix Black Dog. We decided not to go the easy way and they really liked it. They just did two remixes for us.

Just as their take on techno is non-typical, so their path into it was unusual. Meeting each other and becoming firm friends when they were teenagers, the duo started out as a rock band — “We bought a guitar and smoked a lot of weed and said, ‘Ok that’s not for us’,” admits Yoann — before quickly graduating to turntables and a mixer, DJing drum & bass and promoting events around Brussels. When they encountered the early dubstep scene, it set them on a new path.

“We got a bit bored with drum & bass, and it was the time Rephlex released the ‘Grime’ LP [actually an early dubstep compilation]. We’d been really busy with promoting parties back in the day, so we organized a big rave here in Brussels, for 2000 people.

We had Plastician with two MCs from Virus Syndicate. It was the time we decided we would not mix anymore and would focus on promoting parties. And we saw Plastician’s set and we said, ‘What’s this sound?’ We started to mix and produce dubstep, grime, whatever, for a few years.

”Moving away from dubstep into the nebulous domain of bass music, they sent some tracks to Loefah who played them on his Swamp 81 Rinse show. Loads of labels got in touch and their first release surfaced on Numbers. This bass element still percolates in their sound but recent years have seen GoldFFinch gravitate increasingly to techno.

“It’s been since the release on Turbo, ‘Stronghold EP’, that we decided what we really like to do is techno with a groove. Now we focus on that, but we don’t write tunes to please someone — we still put what we want in the tunes,” Yoann points out.
The tunes of GoldFFinch, then — the thinking DJ’s artillery of choice? Time to find out… 


Turbo Recordings - Dirty Bird - Numbers


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