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Glimps Festival 2015


Glimps is an international showcase festival in Ghent, Belgium. Turkish jazz, Slovakian indie, or French electro: more than 60 artists from all over Europe play at 11 venues.

From concert halls like Handelsbeurs, over music clubs such as Charlatan, to less well known but most charming venues like Lakenmetershuis.

Glimps presents Tomorrow's Music Now: nothing but the very best of European music in Ghent, a city that's centuries old, but forever young.But the festival is not for music fanatics only. Glimps is also a music conference that attracts a whole lot of music professionals from all over the world.

Glimps Festival est un festival de showcase international à Gand. Plus de 60 artistes d'un peu partout en Europe joueront dans 11 lieux différents.

Nos amis francophones y seront présents. Vous pourrez y voir Alaska gold Rush, Le Colisée, Mountain Bike, Mocambo, Roscoe, The K. et Yellowstraps.

Le line up complet :

Glimps Festival

10 - 12 décembre 2015