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An interview with Microfestival co-founder JF Jaspers

by The Word Magazine

The slow movement has just claimed another victim: doing away with the dinosaur festivals that litter the summer landscape and going instead for a down-home intimate gathering, Liege's Microfestival is an unrushed version of the original. At least that’s what the founders are aiming for: with only one stage, one tent and a limited capacity of 1,600, nobody's running around like a headless chicken, forced to choose between gigs listed on a complicated schedule. This year sees the fourth edition of the laid-back mini festival, featuring an international line-up that includes Berlin’s Camera and the American Moon Duo. In this interview, co-organiser JF Jaspers tells us about the joys of the job, and has a freakout about the sudden cancellation by Holograms, who've thankfully since been replaced by Spanish garage rockers Mujeres. Whew. 

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