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Le Motel - La danse de la pluie déjà en écoute!

EN — Right after releasing ‘Mellow’ a collab LP with YellowStraps; Le Motel is back with a new release OKA coming out december 14th (Cosmic Compositions).  Le Motel spent years collection samples all around the world from communities out of Africa, the Caribbean, Oceania and blends them all together with delicious and subtle electronic music. A perfect example of this approach (and our favorite track from the EP) is the mellow ‘La Danse De La Pluie’, which you can stream here.

Après le LP "Mellow" en collaboration avec YellowStraps. Le Motel revient avec OKA (EP qui sort ce 14 décembre 2015).

Découvrez "La danse de la pluie" extrait d'OKA.