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Alternative Focus #1: Black Basset Records

© Lisa Lapierre

Black Basset Records, founded and run by couple Didier Gosset and Clothilde Fery, is a label of and for purists that grew out of the frustrations of its founders, who had organized one concert too many and were aching for a solid structure that could support the many acts they had seen live. Steeped in a DIY ethos and locals only affinity, the label is as its website suggests “a labour of love” before anything else, affording it the luxury of making no compromise.

With a roster that boasts bands such as La Jungleelectric)noise(machineMont-DoréQuadrupede and Thot, the Brussels-based imprint has been building a strong reputation for itself as the label emerging black metal, punk and noise bands go to when they want to get things right and cause a ruckus when doing so. And, for the most part, the bands the label chooses to work with are local, preferring to keep things close to home and work with people that are connected to its network in one way or the other. Driven by an immutable sense of responsibility, both towards its artists and the fans they make music for, the label also encourages its bands to engage in non-profit activities, such as when Billions of Comrades, Quadrupede or Ed Wood Jr played for inmates, or when Mont-Doré played at a soup kitchen in Ghent .

As the owners say themselves: “We always talk about money, promoting, and sales, which is great, but sometimes you have to let go, because your music can be used for something important to us, as individuals, and as a band.” And that there is Black Basset Records.

Next up: 

- March 2016: Re-press of "Togoban" by Quadrupède.

- April 2016: New Mont-Doré release ("Fractures")

- September 2016: Second album of La Jungle w/ Rockerill Records

- Fall 2016: New Atlas Album (Ghent) w/ SmitshfoodGroup (NL) & Dingleberry Recs (DE)